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Top 20 US Cruise Ports for 2015 -Cruise Liners & Destinations

You plan to go on a cruise sometime in the next year. What’s the first thing you think about? Your destination, right? Do you want to relax on the beaches of the Bahamas or see the icy beauty of Alaska? Get some Latin flavor in a South American country or tour the historic ports of Europe?

But while your destination is obviously very important, don’t neglect another important decision: your departure port. The United States is home to no fewer than 20 ports (if you include Vancouver) where you can board your cruise and head out for adventure. Knowing where these ports are and which cruises depart from them can make your travel easier, shorter, and much less expensive.

Below you’ll find a guide to all 20 ports in the country.


Norfolk. If you like friendly locals, Colonial history, and being surrounded by

Things to Know Before Leaving on Your Cruise


Most people are familiar with the pre-vacation To Do’s—get someone to watch the pets, make sure you’ve packed all the essentials (cell phone, passport, tickets), and get things squared away at work. But when it comes to cruises, there are a few significant additions that you’ll need to include on that list.


When you travel within the United States, there are certain things that you generally just don’t have to think about—for example, access to medical care, problems that could arise as a result of citizenship, and various significant legal issues. When you’re on a cruise, though, all of these things—and more—need to be taken into account before you leave.

Important Things to Remember



Because cruises fall under maritime law, legal issues that arise on cruises can be complicated and very different from what most people are familiar with. Maritime

New Year’s Resolutions Cruise Lines Should Make

The cruise industry has come a long way over the last few years, making technological advances, improving safety measures, and introducing new amenities. But—like all of us—they still have plenty of room for improvements.


Here are some resolutions cruise lines should consider making for 2015 to improve passenger health, safety, and satisfaction.


Hire lifeguards. There have been numerous instances of drownings and near drownings aboard major cruise ships, but many cruise lines still don’t hire lifeguards to supervise their pools. Cruise ships carry thousands of children each year and should have a responsibility to provide reasonable protection with respect to their attractions to their young passengers. In order to prevent future tragedies and wrongful deaths, cruise lines should resolve to bring trained and certified lifeguards aboard for every single pool on all of their ships.


Stop over-serving. It’s high time for

Best Cruises for the Holiday Season




There may be snow and mistletoe if you’re home for the winter holidays, but there are also hectic dinners, crowded shopping malls, and chaotic roads. That’s why some folks are planning on packing their bags and taking a holiday cruise this winter season, swapping stressful family gatherings and long lines for exotic destinations and decadent buffets.
Most major lines—including Caribbean, Disney, and Norwegian—offer special holiday cruises. These Christmas-, Hanukah-, and New Years-themed cruises feature spectacular multicourse meals with holiday favorites, dazzling entertainment, and all-out celebrations. Ships head to ports in far off destinations such Hawaii, Europe, and South America.


Typically, these trips are a bit more expensive than your average cruise, but luxurious holiday amenities can make them well-worth the extra cost. If you’re splurging on a cruise vacation this holiday season, you’ll want to compare ships to make sure

New Technologies Can Reduce Risks on Cruise Ships

Water transportation has come a long way since birch-bark canoes and rickety rafts. Modern-day cruise ships are outfitted with a dazzling array of amenities, special features, and technologies dedicated to promoting passenger comfort and safety.


Royal Caribbean recently released one of the most high-tech ships on the seven seas to date—Quantum of the Seas. With more than 2,000 advanced staterooms and high-tech features like electronic wristbands and maps, this ship works hard to protect passengers from many of the risks previously associated with sea travel and cruise vacations. Here are some of the ways Quantum of the Seas designers have reduced some of the most common risks for cruise ship accidents and mishaps:


WOW Bands reduce potential for robbery and identity theft. Theft is a huge problem on cruise ships, though incidents often go unreported since cruise lines are only

How to Plan for a Cruise

Cruise ships have received a lot of negative press in recent years, making many individuals and families reluctant to plan a cruise vacation. While cruise ship accidents and injuries are not unheard of, you can avoid reduce opportunity for mishaps by simply preparing properly. Here are six steps you can take to plan a cruise that is both fun and safe.



    Choose an appropriate cruise

When planning a cruise, there are many questions to consider. Who will be going on the cruise, and what kind of destination might they enjoy? While an older couple may enjoy a tour of Europe, a family with children might do better on a cruise through the Caribbean islands.


How long do you plan on cruising for, and how much money do you want to spend? There’s a wide variety of cruises designed to suit every

Carnival’s Crown Princess Docks with Norovirus – Again

Anyone who has been paying attention to this blog knows that there are many risks associated with going on a cruise – from typically minor issues, like getting sunburned, to far bigger ones, like missing the departure time when you’re at port and getting stranded in a foreign land.


But even though most passengers decide to take a cruise knowing full well there are things that could go wrong, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of issues cruise ships shouldn’t be able to better control. Case in point: the recent wave of norovirus outbreaks.


This is something that has been a huge issue across the entire industry, but the Carnival Crown Princess has been the poster child for norovirus over the past year. Back in April, more than 100 people ultimately came down with the virus on a Crown Princess cruise.