Disney Magic Falls Short When Cruise Ship Accidents Occur. That is Why You Need a Disney Cruise Injury Attorney Who Cares

Disney Cruise Ship Injuries

For many people around the world, the Disney brand is associated with unforgettable family experiences and high-quality entertainment. Children who have a blast on their Disney World vacations and watch all the latest Disney movies often grow up to have unwavering trust in the brand, and when parents raised on Disney are planning a cruise vacation for their family, it should be unsurprising that they would consider the Disney Cruise Line.

DCL is a smaller cruise line than industry leaders Carnival and Royal Caribbean, but it’s hard to surpass Disney for brand awareness. Mickey Mouse ears and the castle logo are recognized all over the world, and Disney has worked hard at establishing itself as a company that is so good it is magical.

Unfortunately, all the glitz, glamour, and magic of Disney cannot always prevent accidents and illnesses from occurring on their cruise ships. Thousands of people vacation on Disney cruise ships every year without incident, but those who are injured by the negligence of Disney Cruises may experience long-lasting suffering and disillusionment with the beloved company. What’s worse, they may be faced with medical bills they can’t afford due to the cruise line’s negligence.

If you or someone you love was injured on a Disney cruise ship, either as a passenger or a crew member, you should seek help from an experienced maritime attorney who has handled similar cases. The attorney at The Law Office of Andrew Winston have over 70 collective years of experience practicing maritime law between them, and Of Counsel Mark J. Leeds has over 30 years of maritime law experience on his own. Their legal team isn’t afraid to take your case to trial and go up against large cruise lines like Disney in order to get you the compensation you need.

Disney Cruise – Family Fun, but Unsatisfactory Customer Service?

Disney Cruise Line currently has a fleet of four ships which they describe as “mixing grand elegance with an element of fun.” Vacationers can choose to set sail on:

Disney Wonder. One of the original ships in the fleet, the Disney Wonder travels around Alaska, the Bahamas, and the Mexican Riviera.

Disney Magic. This original ship was recently upgraded to include such features as new water play areas, adult nightclubs, a kids’ club, and a Brazilian-themed restaurant. Its ports of call are in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and the Mediterranean.

Disney Dream. The third ship introduced to the Disney fleet, this ship is distinguished by its art deco design.

Disney Fantasy. This is the latest ship to join the Disney fleet. It boasts an art nouveau design, state-of-the-art facilities, and exotic ports of call.

Disney Cruise Line offers plenty of the perks you’ll find on any major cruise line, like a selection of restaurants, pools, and lounges, but they seek to set themselves apart by catering to families with their signature Disney entertainment. Some unique features include:

  • Activity centers specifically for kids, preteens, teens, and adults
  • Big-screen showings of first-run and classic Disney movies
  • Live performances of Disney musicals
  • Chances for kids to meet their favorite characters
  • Adult-only spas and salons

All these great amenities can make for a one-of-a-kind family vacation if everything goes as planned. Unfortunately, some reviews on the Consumer Affairs website reveal that vacationers who have had to deal with DCL’s customer service have sometimes had a less-than-positive experience. If you are injured on a Disney cruise and discover that Disney’s customer service representatives seem more interested in giving you the runaround than actually helping you, you may need to work with a cruise ship accident attorney who can get the cruise line to take your case seriously.

Near-drowning on Disney Fantasy Raises Safety Questions

Because Disney is a cruise line that caters to families, supervising children and keeping them safe should be a top priority. Disney may be the only cruise line that has lifeguards at their pools, a commendable move considering that swimming pool drowning and near-drowning has been a leading cruise ship injuries in past years. Unfortunately, even having lifeguards at their pools was not enough to save 4-year-old Chase Lykken.

In 2013, Chase’s limp body was pulled out of a pool on the Disney Fantasy after he had been deprived of oxygen for an estimated six minutes. Chase was airlifted to a hospital in Orlando but remained in a vegetative state with a “most likely poor” prognosis from his doctor. There were apparently no witnesses or video footage to reveal how Chase almost drowned in the pool.

Don’t Be Daunted by DCL – Fight for the Compensation You Need

Disney is a trusted and beloved brand for many and, as with all cruise lines, they have a duty of care to their passengers. They need to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that their ships are safe for passengers of all age, and if they fail to do that, they need to be held accountable.

Unfortunately, some people who suffer an accident on a Disney cruise ship might be intimidated by the idea of filing a lawsuit against such a large corporation. They are, after all, a huge international company with the money to hire the best lawyers..

Disney’s size and reach are not reasons to back down, though. If you or a loved one suffers an injury as a result of negligence on a Disney cruise, contact The Law Office of Andrew Winston. We are cruise ship accident attorneys with the experience and resources to go up against large cruise lines – and win. We are so confident in our ability to help cruise ship accident victims that we work on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless we win monetary compensation for our clients.

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