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For years, the Port of Miami has been known as the “Cruise Capital of the World.” When it comes to both passenger traffic and cruise lines, Miami is considered one of the busiest ports on Earth. This reputation has helped the city become an ideal getaway destination for international and domestic travelers, but such a reputation comes with its disadvantages as well.

Unfortunately, the high volume of cruise ships sailing out of Miami also sets the city up for a high volume of cruise-related injuries and accidents. Luckily, The Law Office of Andrew Winston serves the city of Miami and is always available to help victims of cruise line accidents.

Why Turn to Law Office of Andrew Winston after a Miami Cruise Ship Accident?

The Law Office of Andrew Winston has been based in south Florida since its conception—that’s over two decades of experience working under Florida law. All of our partners uphold a commitment not only to the legal system of south Florida, but to the people as well.

Because cruise injury cases are considered matters of maritime law, not all lawyers are qualified to handle them. At The Law Office of Andrew Winston, however, all four partners have experience in the field of maritime law. With a combined 70+ years’ experience, The Law Office of Andrew Winston can guarantee you the attention, professionalism, and care that you deserve.

At The Law Office of Andrew Winston, we know that even the biggest name cruise companies are not completely free of mishaps. Accidents can and have occurred on all of the major cruise companies, and Lawlor Winston has the know-how to go up against all of them, including:

If you have endured pain or suffering on a cruise as a result of a negligent cruise, don’t waste any time—contact The Law Office of Andrew Winstony right away.

On Any Cruise, There’s a Lot That Can Go Wrong

Despite the cruise lines’ best efforts to ensure that everything goes smoothly during each voyage, occasional accidents aboard cruise ships are unfortunately inevitable.

Just about any accident that can happen on land can also happen aboard a cruise ship. Ships, however, come with a few added dangers, such as the prevalence of slippery surfaces, inadequate access to medical care, and close quarters that enable the rapid spread of germs. Some of the more common accidents that occur aboard cruise ships include:

Slips and falls. Slip and fall accidents occur relatively frequently aboard cruise ships, thanks to wet decks and high traffic walkways. While these incidents are often minor, serious injuries can be sustained. Slip and fall accidents can be especially bad for older passengers and may result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or brain trauma.

Drowning. “Man overboard” accidents tend to get a lot of attention—and they certainly can happen on cruise ships—but swimming pools actually pose a greater risk for drowning than falling into the sea. No cruise line except for Disney employs lifeguards, which means that young children who can’t swim well are particularly at risk for drowning in one of the ship’s swimming pools.

Shore excursion accidents. You may have signed a waiver stating that you understand your assumption of risk during a shore excursion, but the cruise line may still bear some blame depending on the type of accident that occurs. For example, if staff members fail to keep their parasailing equipment in good condition and the rope snaps as a result, the cruise line may be liable for any injury that occurs.

Gangway accidents. Maritime law still applies to cruise ship accidents even if they don’t take place at sea. If a passenger injures him or herself as a result of an improperly secured gangway, or if a gangway completely collapses, the cruise line may be at fault.

Medical negligence. Cruise line infirmaries just don’t always have the staff or resources to adequately treat all sick or injured passengers. If your illness of injury is made worse due to medical negligence onboard a cruise ship, contact Lawlor Winston.

Norovirus.  Norovirus, an insidious gastrointestinal illness, is becoming more and more of an issue on cruise ships. In just the first few months of 2014, the virus infected hundreds of passengers and crew members on several different ships. In some cases the outbreaks were so bad and the infirmaries were so overwhelmed that the ships had to return to port early.

While some accidents are just bad luck and could not have been prevented by the cruise line, other accidents may have been prevented if the cruise line took reasonable precautions. If your accident falls into the latter category, contact The Law Office of Andrew Winston as soon as possible to get the defense you deserve.

What Should You Expect from Our Miami Cruise Injury Attorneys?

Maritime law is a complicated subject, completely distinct from “regular” US law. As a result, not every personal injury lawyer is going to be comfortable handling your cruise ship accident case. That is not something you have to worry about with Lawlor Winston. All four of our partners and Of Counsel Mark J. Leeds have experience practicing maritime law in Florida.

Many cruise lines, despite the fact they sail from ports around the United States and the world, have contractual “venue” provisions in their tickets that require you file suit, if at all, in Federal Court located in Miami-Dade, Florida.  That is why you need a South Florida cruise accident firm like The Law Office of Andrew Winston.

Rely on our combined 70+ year experience and in-depth knowledge of both maritime law and the south Florida community, The Law Office of Andrew Winston are your best advocates for all Miami cruise ship cases. Our clients are more than clients—they are our friends and neighbors and we know that they are entitled to fair treatment and compensation. We also understand that maritime law may be unfamiliar to many men and women, so we always make sure to communicate with our clients through every step of each case in order to make the process as simple as possible.

The Law Office of Andrew Winston Won’t Surprise You with Hidden Attorney Fees

Thanks to our track record of success, our law firm is able to operate on a contingency basis. That means that you won’t owe us anything unless or until you recover compensation. We know you have enough to worry about in the wake of a cruise ship accident, and we will not add unexpected attorney fees to your list of concerns.

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