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MSC Cruise Ship Injuries

Did you know that MSC Cruises are the third largest cruise line in the world behind Carnival and Royal Caribbean? Well, at least that is what the company claims. However, MSC is not a publicly traded company and, thus any data that they release to the public cannot really be verified, including accident and illness statistics.

Most Americans probably have not even considered taking an MSC cruise, because the company has only recently started to move into our marketplace. If you have taken an MSC cruise and suffered accident or illness due to their negligence, make sure you contact Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey immediately. You only have a short window in which to file a claim to receive compensation.

Where Will MSC Take You?

Despite the fact that MSC is relatively new to the American market, this is not a particularly young company. They have been around since 1987 and offer cruises around the world. The potential danger of traveling to so many foreign ports, however, is that it can make it harder for crew members to account for changing bacterial and viral threats and maintain proper sanitation. Lawlor Winston knows what evidence to look for to prove that an outbreak was caused by negligence.

Where can you expect to go if you book with MSC Cruises?

  • The Mediterranean
  • Northern Europe
  • The Canary Islands
  • The Caribbean
  • South America
  • South Africa
  • The United Arab Emirates

Additionally, they also offer Grand Voyages that largely seem to travel to the same locations, but at a more languorous pace that gives you time to immerse yourself in various cultures, learn from onboard experts in history, culture, and language, and really get to know your fellow passengers.

What’s the Fleet Like?

There are 12 ships in the MSC fleet, each purporting to offer passengers peace, comfort, fun, and safety.

MSC Preziosa. The flagship of the fleet features a real stone piazza, Broadway-scale theater, private sunbathing, a kids aqua park, and a late-night panoramic disco.

MSC Divina. This ship travels around the Caribbean all year and boasts a special suite designed by Sophia Loren, 150 fountains, a Garden Infinity pool, and more.

MSC Magnifica. Saunas. Turkish baths. Thalassotherapy. A solarium. Three swimming pools. Tennis, basketball, and jogging. A 1200-seat theater. Unfortunately, it reportedly struck a pier at the Port of Piraeus in Greece and investigators are still looking into the incident to uncover what caused it.

MSC Splendida. If you’re looking for luxury – and can afford it – the Splendida offers Yacht Club passengers a VIP area with special suites, an exclusive dining venue and lounge, and 24-hour butler service. Regular guests still have access to the typical spas, fitness centers, pools, and so on. It was also in the news a few years ago because an elderly passenger died when she was attempting to board and the gangplank crashed into the water.

MSC Fantasia. The Fantasia offers many of the same amenities as other ships from MSC but is listed as the company’s flagship. It does have a transparent ceiling to accommodate stargazing, which seems fairly unique.

MSC Poesia. Touted as a ship designed to meet “demanding ecological standards,” the Poesia certainly has some interesting features. Like a waterfall with bridges and a Zen garden. It’s not quite as clear how a sushi bar or spa qualify as environmentally friendly, but kids will probably enjoy the dinosaur-themed play area and open air cinema. Sadly, the Poesia has reportedly had its share of troubles, too, including running aground a few years ago because the crew apparently did not realize the giant ship needed 25 feet of draft instead of just 15.

MSC Orchestra. Boasting 18 decks, a disco, an internet café, and lots of food choices, including what’s apparently the only Chinese restaurant at sea, there’s plenty to do on the Orchestra.

MSC Musica. The Musica has most of the same amenities present on MSC’s other ships, but also includes a stunning central foyer that has a three-tier waterfall and a piano suspended over a crystal floor that’s above a pool of water. Their sites says “you will feel the music in the air.”

MSC Opera. Italian lessons, mini-golf, and the Teatro dell’Opera are just three of the many amazing amenities you’ll experience on your Opera cruise.

MSC Lirica. Because the Lirica is smaller, MSC says that it’s ideal for first time cruisegoers and families – especially if you like a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

MSC Sinfonia. Enjoy a jogging track, Golf Simulator, and incredible array of casinos, discos, music, shows, and more as you visit locales like South Africa and the Eastern and Western Mediterranean.

MSC Armonia. This vessel has been completely restored and now has all of the same amenities present in the rest of MSC’s fleet.

The Law Office of Andrew Winston Can Help with Your Unharmonious MSC Experience

If you or someone you love experienced pain or suffering on an MSC cruise due to the negligence of the crew, you don’t have to be stuck paying off exorbitant medical bills on your own. The company can be held liable and should take responsibility for their actions, but they’re probably not going to offer you the compensation you deserve unless you take legal action. Maritime lawyers The Law Office of Andrew Winston have been helping people just like you to fight big cruise lines for more than 70 years between them, and they would love to learn more about your case.

Contact us for a free consultation today and we’ll let you know what your options are without charging you a dime. In fact, because we work on contingency, you won’t have to pay for our services until you win compensation  – even if that means going to trial. You can call us at 954-606-6606 (South Florida), toll-free at 866-306-9606 or fill out our short online case review form.