Celebrity Cruises – Living in the Spotlight Does not End Problems. Call a Celebrity Cruise Injury Attorney

Celebrity Cruise Ship Injuries

While not as well-known as cruise lines line Carnival or Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises has carved out a nice niche for itself.

They have even garnered some notoriety of late for being featured on and now partnering with Top Chef. But, while they may, as their website indicates, be “consistently voted amongst the top cruise lines in the world,” that does not mean their passengers never suffer from many of the same accidents, injuries, and embarrassing incidents as other cruise lines.

If you take a trip with Celebrity Cruises and suffer an accident or illness due to their negligence, it is important that you seek out the help of experienced maritime lawyers like The Law Office of Andrew Winston as soon as possible. They have been helping people like you for the past 30 years, and they have the qualifications and dedication you need to ensure that you’ll get the compensation that you deserve.

How You’ll be Travelling on Celebrity Cruises

Booking a trip on Celebrity Cruises means that you’ll be travelling on one of their 11 luxury liners. These ships are broken up into 4 categories based on their size, the types of amenities that they offer, and the cruises that they embark upon.

Solstice Class.  All of these ships hold just under 2900 passengers, weigh about 120,000 pounds, and have a cruising speed of 24kts. Solstice Class ships include:

  • Celebrity Eclipse. This ship joined the fleet in 2010 and features Celebrity iLounge (easy internet access), Qsine (a dining venue with international food), AquaSpa (a full-service spa), fresh green grass on the “Lawn Club,” and sweeping veranda views in 85% of all staterooms.
  • Celebrity Equinox. Touted as “the very essence of premium cruising,” Equinox’s main selling points seem to be culinary variety with 10 dining venues and staterooms described as “chic and spacious.”
  • Celebrity Silhouette. Eat, drink, and socialize on real grass at the Lawn Club, and even enjoy outdoor grilling. Learn how to paint from a Master Artist. Try (up to) 50 different international craft beers. Relax in cabana-styled rooms. The Silhouette allows you to do all this and more while traversing Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Celebrity Solstice. The namesake of this class, the Solstice was the first to feature many of the traits that have become iconic on Celebrity Cruises. The first Lawn Club. The first staterooms redesigned and redecorated by “the Leading Ladies.” The first Hot Glass Show—glass-blowing at sea. It is also the ship where 118 people contracted norovirus and one man died in 2011. Many people apparently complained about inadequate treatment from the medical staff.
  • Celebrity Reflection. The only ship in this class that is slightly bigger and heavier than the others, Reflection holds just over 3000 passengers and weighs in at 126,000 pounds. It offers basically everything the others offer, just in a bigger setting. Passengers on this ship do, however, have access to suites with 79 square foot verandas and included access to spa amenities.

Millenium Class. This class of ships is a bit smaller than the Solstice Class, averaging around 2200 passengers and 91,000 pounds, and cruising at a speed of 24 knots.

  • Celebrity Constellation. Like many Solstice ships, it features an iLounge, private verandas, and updated dining options. In addition to these, it boasts not 50, but 64 international craft beers, Xboxes and Kinects in the Fun Factory kids’ club, and even new mattresses. Unfortunately, those did nothing to help with reported problems to a gas turbine engine in 2013 that required the ship to alter its schedule and seek repairs in the middle of a cruise.
  • Celebrity Infinity. According to the website description, the only discernable difference between this ship and others in Celebrity’s lineup appears to be the fact that it has the first ever Apple Reseller at Sea. Ship Detective also lists a stateroom fire from 2006.
  • Celebrity Millenium. This ship tours Asia and the South Pacific and features all of the regular amenities present in Solstice-class ships. It also had to be grounded for a month in 2013 due to propulsion problems.
  • Celebrity Summit. Though it seems to offer most of the same amenities listed thus far, there’s little mentioned to separate this ship from the pack.

Century Class. Both a class and a single ship, the Celebrity Century is more “intimate” than the line’s other vessels so far, carrying 1814 passengers and cruising along at 21 knots. Still, it boasts several restaurants, a bar, and even a casino.

Celebrity Xpedition. Talk about intimate. The Xpedition is not really an ocean liner, but a “mega-yacht” that transports 98 passengers. It is small and sleek enough to explore the Galapagos Islands, and Celebrity even employs Galapagos National Park-certified naturalists on board to teach you about the area and ensure that the cruise does not do anything to disturb it.

Luxury, Style… and Accidents and Illnesses

As you can see from the links above, all the renovations and awards in the world haven’t stopped Celebrity Cruises from having many of the same problems that every cruise line goes through. In addition to those already described, reports show that an apparently discontinued ship in Celebrity’s line – the Mercury – had one of the worst norovirus outbreaks ever, with more than 400 people getting sick in 2010.

If you suffer an accident, injury, illness, or experience medical negligence while on a Celebrity cruise, you owe it to yourself and future passengers to hold the company responsible where appropriate so that you get the compensation you need and they change their practices to avoid future trouble.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Andrew Winston have been helping people just like you for decades, and they’re not afraid to go up against big cruise lines. Their only goal is to make sure that you are properly compensated for the suffering that you have had to endure, and they’re willing to keep fighting regardless of whether that means a nice settlement or a jury trial.

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