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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Injuries

Royal Caribbean is a fan favorite when it comes to major cruise lines. Travel Weekly readers recently voted them the Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean and the Best Cruise Ship Overall. They offer affordable weekend getaways and short cruises, pride themselves on their customer service, and work to protect the marine environment.

Unfortunately, the many rave reviews for Royal Caribbean have recently been overshadowed somewhat by news stories about a norovirus outbreak on one of their ships that left close to 700 people sick and forced the cruise to end early.

As with any cruise line, some of the injuries and illnesses that have occurred on Royal Caribbean ships may have been unpreventable. However, it’s important to hold the cruise line accountable for accidents caused by their negligence and to investigate incidents that may have been preventable. For example, Royal Caribbean may not have been able to prevent a passenger with norovirus from getting on their ship, but could they have created a more sanitary environment to stop the virus from spreading as rapidly as it did?

If you or someone you love has been injured or became seriously ill on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you could be grappling with medical bills and ongoing pain. You probably want answers from Royal Caribbean, but may worry that the cruise line is too big to take on. However, it is possible to receive compensation for your injuries and suffering if you work with an experienced cruise ship accident attorneys like the partners at the Law Office of Andrew Winston.

Royal Caribbean Sells Luxury…but Doesn’t Always Prevent Accidents

With 21 ships, over 280 cruise destinations, and a variety of exciting shore excursions, Royal Caribbean certainly aims to wow their passengers. Vacationers can choose to travel on:

  • Allure of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Freedom of the Seas
  • Liberty of the Seas
  • Independence of the Seas
  • Voyager of the Seas
  • Adventure of the Seas
  • Navigator of the Seas
  • Explorer of the Seas
  • Mariner of the Seas
  • Jewel of the Seas
  • Brilliance of the Seas
  • Radiance of the Seas
  • Serenade of the Seas
  • Enchantment of the Seas
  • Grandeur of the Seas
  • Vision of the Seas
  • Rhapsody of the Seas
  • Legend of the Seas
  • Splendour of the Seas
  • Majesty of the Seas

Other features that make the cruise line stand out include:

  • Recreational activities including rock climbing walls, ziplines, and and surf simulators
  • Tony Award-winning Broadway shows
  • Live music, comedies, bars, and clubs
  • Complimentary Adventure Ocean Youth Program
  • Wide array of dining and drink options
  • Spa massages

Their international cruises also travel to all kinds of destinations, including:

  • The Caribbean
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Dubai
  • Australia
  • Bermuda

Every year, thousands of passengers enjoy the luxury treatment and stunning locations of a Royal Caribbean cruise. Unfortunately, those people who become sick or injured during the course of the trip are not able to experience the dream vacation they were hoping for—and may even have to deal with long-term suffering as a result.

Royal Caribbean Mishaps in the News

The old adage “any news is good news” might not hold true in the case of Royal Caribbean. Here are a few of the recent accidents and illnesses that have occurred aboard their ships:

Man goes overboard near Australia. In December 2013, a passenger on the Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas reportedly went overboard some 300 miles from the coast of Australia. The crew was reported to have attempted a rescue, but the man was dead before they could reach him.

Man goes overboard near Cayman Islands. On January 1, 2014, a passenger on the Royal Caribbean ship Independence of the Seas went missing and is believed to have gone overboard near the Cayman Islands. The U.S. Coast Guard searched for him but his body was never recovered.

One of the worst norovirus outbreaks in years. Norovirus—a pathogen that causes people to suffer severe gastrointestinal distress that can include vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea—is relatively common on cruise ships. The fact that passengers are packed into close quarters and arrive from all over the world does nothing to help, and the cruise industry seemingly accepts that a few passengers with stomach bugs are par for the course. However, the Royal Caribbean ship Explorer of the Seas recently experienced a norovirus outbreak where close to 700 passengers fell ill. The medical staff was overwhelmed, and many passengers became too weak to leave their rooms. While some passengers had recovered from the illness by the time the ship returned to port two days early, others were still experiencing serious symptoms, and the Center for Disease Control recommended they seek medical attention.

What Could Royal Caribbean Do Differently?

By all reports, Royal Caribbean handled the recent norovirus outbreak professionally. However, the fact that roughly 20% of the passengers and crew fell ill and overwhelmed the infirmary suggests that the cruise line could consider what precautions they can take to prevent this from happening again. For example, they may need a larger medical staff and better medical facilities, as well as a protocol for norovirus treatment. Since norovirus spreads easily and can survive outside of a host for weeks at a time, they may also need to carefully evaluate their ship post-voyage sanitization procedures.

And while some people who go overboard on cruise ships may be attempting suicide, others may end up overboard because they fall over the railing. Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean may need to

evaluate the safety of their railings and make sure that they are prepared to respond quickly if someone does go overboard. No one should die simply because the ship railings were not secure or the crew was not prepared (not to infer that is why some have fallen overboard on RCL boats).

You Can’t Afford to Wait If You Have Been Injured on a Cruise Ship

If you have been injured on a Royal Caribbean ship or any other cruise, you need to understand that there is a strict statute of limitations in which you must file suit lest you be forever time-barred from doing so. For cases involving adults seeking to sue Royal Caribbean, that window shrinks down to one year. Don’t suffer in silence—contact the Law Office of Andrew Winston so that you can get the ball rolling and receive the compensation you deserve within this narrow window of time.

The Law Office of Andrew Winston have been handling maritime law and cruise ship accident cases for over 70 years between them and, in that time, they have gained the experience and specific legal knowledge to go up against large cruise lines like Royal Caribbean. If they can get their clients the compensation they need through a settlement, they will, but they are also not afraid to go to trial if the cruise line’s settlement offer is unsatisfactory.

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