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What Does “Cruise Safety” Mean in a Post-COVID World?

The world has changed significantly since March 2020. In the past year, millions have been infected with COVID-19, and many deaths resulted. But with recent vaccinations, a light glimmers at the end of the very long COVID tunnel. People are starting to consider travel again –specifically, cruising.

Cruise lines suspended their operations in March of 2020. Since then, the CDC has provided a framework for cruise lines to resume operations. Even with CDC standards implemented, how can you be certain it’s safe to sail again?

Here’s what you need to know about cruise safety in a post-COVID world, including the steps some cruise lines are taking to ensure cruisers feel secure on vacation.

Cruise Line Requirements to Set Sail Again

In order for cruise lines to hopefully resume sailing at some point this year, strict standards have been set. A few of imperatives for

Back to Sea Cruises: Should I Buy a Trip Cancellation or CFAR Policy?

Many people will be ready to resume vacations in the coming months. But, based on inquiries into travel insurance over the past year, we have learned from the pandemic.

According to Forbes Magazine, trip cancellation insurance purchases are at an all-time high. While it has always been a big seller, industry insiders state that they’ve never seen trip cancellation insurance plans sell at this level before.

If you’re itching to go on vacation, then trip insurance, in the form of trip cancellation or “cancel for any reason” policies are your best options.

But what are they? What are the differences between these two policies, and how do you decide which one is right for you? Read on to find out!

Trip Cancellation Insurance: What Is It?

Trip cancellation insurance is a protection policy purchased in case travel plans are canceled due to an unforeseen

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire a Cruise Attorney

Choosing the right personal injury attorney, especially as it related to specific issues in the cruise industry, is a big deal. In fact, it can be the difference between a successful case and one where you don’t get the damages or legal remedies you’re seeking – and no one wants that.

Most people don’t have a lot of experience with attorneys, much less finding one to represent them. Here are a few tips and questions you can use to help guide you to the right personal injury attorney for your needs in maritime law.

What Is a Maritime Attorney?

A maritime attorney is an attorney who specializes in the representation of maritime passengers and workers or their families in case of injury or wrongful death that may be the result of negligence while at sea or unseaworthy conditions.

Maritime laws are quite unique and

Should Cruise Workers Hire an Attorney for Contract Review? Won’t Hurt!

For many people, working on a cruise ship looks like a dream. If it’s yours, then when it came true, you were likely jumping for joy and imagining all the things you’d do and the places you’d see as a part of the crew.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that working on a cruise ship is, well, work. With that work, you have an employment contract to review and sign.

Not everyone is familiar with an employment contract, especially when working on a cruise ship for the first time. That’s why it’s vital to take your time to look over the contract and have an attorney you trust look it over.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about contracts for cruise ship employment and the consequences that can be faced when that contract is breached.


Spend Just 30 Percent of the Time on a FL Ship, You’re a Seaman

Maritime law is a highly specialized area of law that requires a vast knowledge of guidelines that not just any type of attorney knows about. A perfect example of this is The Jones Act.

Are you unfamiliar with this legislation? If so, you’re certainly not alone. This important piece of maritime federal law is vital to any seaman who works aboard a vessel.

If you work on a cruise ship, learn more about The Jones Act and who qualifies for protection and rights to personal injury claim under it.

What Is The Jones Act?

The Jones Act is a federal law that provides rights to compensation for those who have become ill or been injured while working on or in connection to a vessel.

A vessel under the Act is any type of ship or boat, such as cargo ships, factory trawlers, offshore drilling

Thinking About Class Action Participation in FL? Consider This…

When one person is injured through the actions or negligence of another, they often must file a personal injury lawsuit in order to recoup their losses.

When one party, such as a business, is responsible for the injuries of many people, then a class action lawsuit may be the best road to take to recoup losses for everyone involved.

Royal Caribbean Faces Class Action from Investors

Royal Caribbean is facing a class-action lawsuit relating to their handling of coronavirus – but not from passengers aboard their cruise ships.

Investors are suing in a class action securities suit alleging that the cruise line was not honest about the ways COVID was impacting bookings or how safety protocols were working aboard their ships.

This group of investors, who purchased shares in February and March of 2020, maintain that they were provided false and misleading information from

PortMiami Expansion Forges Ahead on Cruise Projects

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year for the hospitality industry, but there seem to be brighter times ahead. Case in point: The forging ahead of expansion projects in PortMiami for major cruise lines.

Even though the cruise line industry has hit the pause button, it’s clear that the groundwork is being laid for future endeavors. Major cruise lines such as Norwegian and Carnival have made deals to build new terminals and make gate modifications to Terminal Link Miami.

It’s exciting for many cruise line employees to see work going ahead because it indicates they’ll have jobs to go back to once the cruise industry rebounds from COVID.

Just because they’ll be excited to go back to work doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be protected on the job, though. When cruising first starts back up, COVID will still be a concern.


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