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What Are the Most Dangerous Cruise Ports in the World?

Arriving in town on a cruise ship isn’t exactly a quiet way to go somewhere. These enormous floating cities sail right into the port, and every local knows that soon the town will be swarming with tourists and large groups going on excursions. Unfortunately, the inability to come into port unnoticed puts passengers at risk for crimes at ports – some places more dangerous than others.

The destinations to which cruise ships sail have an economy based on tourism, so they want to keep people coming. But not all of the ways people make money in these ports are legit, and some include crimes that can end in an injury like armed robberies.

What are the most dangerous cruise ports

Dangerous Ports You Should Avoid When Cruising

You’re ready to book the cruise of your dreams – but are you headed to a safe destination? Below we are going to cover some of the most dangerous ports in the world, including tips for staying safe, and what you can do if you get hurt while on a cruise.

Crimes that can occur in port include mugging, extortion, robbery at gunpoint, assault, and even murder. Criminals know that tourists carry cash, are unfamiliar with the area, and don’t speak the language. That’s why cruise ship travelers are often easy targets.

In some parts of the world, your dangers are greater than in others. Here are the ports with the highest instances of crimes.


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