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Does Your Travel Insurance Have Med-Evac Coverage?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, 13 American cruise ship passengers were evacuated from Japan back to the U.S. this month. The passengers were quarantined for two weeks and have tested positive for the deadly virus. They are currently receiving treatment at the University of Nebraska medical center.

Because there is certainly no quick flight from Japan to Nebraska, amidst the chaos of this deadly outbreak, it’s time to talk about the insurance of Med-Evac coverage.

What Having Med-Evac Coverage Means

Med-Evac coverage, or medical evacuation coverage, will foot the bill if you need to quickly get off a cruise ship or shore excursion and seek care. Many travelers believe that med-evac coverage is tucked away into their standard travel insurance

Everything to Know About Travel Insurance for Your Next Cruise

Whether this is your first cruise or your 50th, you’ve probably seen the checklists for preparing for a cruise: Dramamine, extra bathing suits, and so on.

Travel insurance is on most of these checklists, but you may be asking yourself, “Is it worth it? What does it even cover?”

What Travel Insurance Covers

Most plans only cover accidents that are out of the control of any passengers or crew members. Situations commonly covered by travel insurance include:

    Trip Cancellation/Interruption: If your trip is abruptly ended by an emergency situation, you might have to pay for additional lodging or travel. These costs may be covered by travel insurance, and the rest of your trip will also most likely be

Should You Purchase Travel Insurance for Your Cruise?

If you start asking people who have been on cruises whether or not it’s a good idea to purchase travel insurance, you’ll most likely encounter two lines of thought. While some people believe that travel insurance is a must, others will tell you that it’s a scam cooked up by the cruise industry in order to get more money out of passengers. So who should you believe?


When you’re going on an expensive cruise vacation, you should take a “better safe than sorry” approach. While you may not want to imagine that any worst-case scenarios could happen to you or your family, it’s important to recognize that accidents can happen, and it’s best to be covered if they do.