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A Happy(-ish) Ending to a FL Boat Operator’s Hurricane Claim

Having a boat in Florida is a wonderful thing. After all, who doesn’t love spending a day out on the waves and enjoying all the shorelines Florida has to offer?

Still, having a boat in Florida is a big responsibility, especially because you have to be able to contend with, as well as anticipate, what Mother Nature is going to do – as one Florida boat operator found out.

Even though the boat operator was too late to save his boat from the clutches of Hurricane Sally, his saving grace was his boat insurance claim. He had taken the time to find the right boat insurance and it paid off when a catastrophe hit.

That’s why when you own a

Could Fewer Sailings During a Hurricane Mean Safer Harbor?

Cruises are supposed to be fun, relaxed, safe vacations for people of all ages. Cruise ships, in particular, are designed for maximum safety, keeping their passengers safe on the open seas. That doesn’t matter if the crew of the ship is negligent during bad weather, though.

Cruises are vulnerable to hurricanes, especially during heavy hurricane seasons. If a ship can’t find a safe port, then everyone on board is at risk when a storm appears.

In fact, one of the most dangerous aspects of hurricane season is the sheer number of cruise ships that have to seek shelter from the storm. This year is seeing fewer cruises because of the global pandemic, so there are fewer ships competing for safe

Hurricane Season Is Starting – Is It Safe to Cruise?

Ah, Summer cruising. A great time to get away with the family. To lay out on deck and soak in the sun. To run into… hurricanes?

That’s right. If you’re considering taking a cruise during this time, you can’t forget that it’s also hurricane season in the Atlantic. The season runs from June to November, and peaks between mid-August and early November.

Should you be worried? Should you postpone your trip? What happens if a hurricane pops up while a cruise is in the vicinity?

If you want to take a summer cruise in the Atlantic and you’re concerned about safety, you’re not alone. Fortunately, it is complete safe to cruise then. Cruising during hurricane season doesn’t need to be

After Devastating Hurricanes in the Caribbean, Is Your Port Still Open?

A cruise vacation is usually a time for relaxation, but with hurricane season in full swing, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit anxious and stressed instead.

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on many of the islands of the Caribbean – popular cruise destinations for a number of different cruise lines – which also means a number of cruise ports were affected.

If you have a Caribbean cruise planned in the near future, your cruise might have to be rerouted and your itinerary might have to be changed depending on the damage caused by the hurricanes. If you are worried, the best thing to do is to reach out to your cruise line for specific changes. However, here’s

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Affecting Cruise Itineraries

If you’re going on a cruise to the Caribbean this October, you may be seeing some itinerary changes. That’s because Tropical Storm Gonzalo has swept into the region, and several major cruise lines have already changed course in order to keep passengers safe.


Cruise Fever reported on October 12th that Royal Caribbean was the first cruise line to change one of their ship’s itineraries. The Explorer of the Seas bypassed St. Marteen, where there was a scheduled stop, and went straight to San Juan. Disney and Carnival have also made changes on several of their cruises, with Disney rearranging the order of stops for the Disney Magic, and Carnival outright cancelling a port stop in the Dominican Republic