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New York Cruise Ship Accidents

Over 20 million people go on a cruise every year, roughly 60% of those who embark from a port in North America. And just about every major cruise line offers trips that start in New York City, making it easy for Northeasterners to book a vacation to a warm-weather locale like Mexico, Bermuda, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean. It is a great way to travel any time of the year… unless your trip is cut short by a cruise ship injury.

The cruise industry insists that only a very small percentage of passengers suffer a serious injury on a cruise ship, but given the huge number of people who go on cruises, even a small percentage can mean that hundreds or thousands of people are harmed on cruise ships every year.

If you went on a cruise from New York and experienced an injury, medical negligence in the infirmary, a crime that should have been prevented by cruise security, or even the wrongful death of a loved one, you need to contact an experienced cruise ship accident attorney.

Many cruise lines, despite the fact they sail from ports around the United States and the world, have contractual “venue” provisions in their tickets that require you file suit, if at all, in Federal Court located in Miami-Dade, Florida.  That is why you need a South Florida cruise accident firm like Lawlor Winston.

Feel comfortable turning to the law firm of the Law Office of Andrew Winston. We collectively have over 70 years experience handling cruise ship accidents. We have helped accident victims just like you recover the compensation they deserve from negligent cruise lines, and we can help you do the same.

When New York Cruises Go Wrong: Common Types of Accidents

Cruises have a lot of moving parts (and we’re not just referring to the ship moving through the water). There are typically hundreds or even thousands of passengers, dozens of crew members, a wide-variety of on-board activities, and stops at various ports .With everything that’s going on, cruise lines sometimes fail to keep their passengers and crew members safe.

Some relatively common types of cruise ship accidents include:

Slip and falls. A puddle of water on the mid-deck or spilled punch in the dining room might not seem like any more than a minor annoyance to some people, but slippery surfaces create a falling risk and can cause serious injuries, especially to older passengers. The cruise line has a duty to maintain a safe environment, and if they fail to clean or label a slippery surface, they are liable for negligence.

Drowning. No cruise lines except for Disney hire lifeguards to watch their ships’ pools—and Disney only recently started hiring lifeguards after a near-drowning incident on one of their ships. Children are especially at risk, and if you lose a child in a drowning incident, filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be the only way to bring the cruise line to justice.

Shore excursion accidents. Cruise lines often try to escape responsibility for shore excursion accidents by making passengers sign a waiver stating they understand any inherent risks, but there are situations where the cruise line may still be liable for your injury. Talk with a maritime lawyer to learn what options you have after a shore excursion accident.

Gangway accident. That’s right—accident can occur before the voyage even gets underway. Although it’s relatively uncommon, there have been several cases where a gangway has collapsed while passengers were boarding, resulting in injuries or even deaths.

Medical negligence. There are typically only a few ship doctors and thousands of potential patients, so when a lot of passengers need medical attention, it’s all too easy for a harried doctor to make a mistake or even fail to diagnose an illness or injury. To make matters worse, ship infirmaries often lack the medical equipment and resources necessary to treat serious injuries.

Norovirus. This virus rose to new heights of infamy this past year, after hundreds of passengers at a time fell ill on several different cruises, in some cases forcing the ship to return to port early. While most people recover from the unpleasant symptoms after 3 or 4 days, some people—especially older adults—may experience longer-lasting symptoms and may even need to be hospitalized.

Negligent security.  If you are robbed or assaulted on a cruise ship, then the person who committed that crime obviously needs to be held accountable in a criminal court. However, the cruise line may also need to be brought in front of a civil court if the crime was able to occur because of their negligent security.

No Cruise Line Is Completely Free of Accidents

You can shop around for different cruise ships, read reviews, and look for safety ratings, but the fact of the matter is that it is possible for accidents to happen on any cruise line. If you are injured on any cruise, work with the Law Office of Andrew Winston to get the compensation you need from the corporation behind your accident.

We have experience going up against major cruise lines like:

Do not let a large cruise line intimidate you into staying silent; a skilled maritime lawyer can go up against the cruise line’s legal team and get you the compensation you need, either in court or through a settlement.

You Have a Limited Time to File a Suit: Call The Law Office of Andrew Winston, White & Murphey Today

One thing that some cruise ship accident victims in New York do not realize is that there is a strict statute of limitations on their case. If you do not file a suit within one (1) year of the accident, there is not much you can do to hold the cruise line accountable. The sooner you contact an attorney and get your case underway, the better chance you have of recovering full compensation.

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