Hurt On a Norwegian Cruise? Call Norwegian Cruise Injury Attorney Andrew Winston for Justice

Norweigan Cruise Ship Injuries   If you have ever thought about going on a cruise (and probably even if you haven’t), chances are good that you have heard of Norwegian Cruises Lines. Though their market share pales in comparison to that of industry leader Carnival (21.1% to 8%, respectively), Norwegian has been around since 1966 and popularized many industry practices that are now widespread. One example is “Freestyle Cruising,” their term for letting people sit wherever they want during meals and ignoring rules of formal attire.

But a long and storied history does not mean that they are immune from industry-wide problems of failing to prevent passengers from getting sick or injured. Though complete accidents do happen where no one could have changed the outcome, sometimes when passengers experience pain and suffering on a cruise ship it is due to something that could – and should – have been prevented by the crew and the cruise line.

Those who have had to undergo trauma like this may wonder if they actually have a viable case, or if it is worth trying to fight against a giant corporation like Norwegian. The answer is yes – but only if you get a law firm on your side that has lawyers with the experience, knowledge, and fighting spirit to make sure that you are compensated fairly for what you had to go through. The Law Office of Andrew Winston is that law firm. Their partners have more than 70 years  experience as maritime lawyers between them, and during that time they have helped countless people just like you get the compensation they deserve and stand up for themselves against seemingly insurmountable odds.

If someone else is responsible for your accident, injury or illness, you should not be the one who has to foot the bill.  The Law Office of Andrew Winston will not only help you fight, they will keep pushing until they believe they have obtained the most compensation possible – even if that means going to trial.

Norwegian boasts a fleet of 13 cruise ships that each offer a baseline of luxury and unique amenities that help them to stand out from their siblings.

Norwegian Breakaway Class

Norwegian Breakaway. It is a behemoth at almost 150,000 tons, and can carry just under 4,000 passengers. Featuring youth programs, Broadway Shows, multiple clubs, a variety of sporting and water activities, and nine dining options, there’s something here for everyone. Except, unfortunately, lifeguards, which might have been useful recently when two small boys (4 and 6) were in trouble in one of the pools. The older boy was saved by the Coast Guard and resuscitated, but the 4-year-old died.

Norwegian Getaway. Launched in 2014, the Getaway has lots of numbers to throw around – 28 places to eat, 5 water slides, a 3-level sports complex, and a theater featuring 7-time Tony Award nominated musical Legally Blonde.

Norwegian Dawn Class

Norwegian Dawn. This ship offers the typical amenities common to most Norwegian vessels, but its big claim to fame really only matters for one group of passengers – the Dawn boasts a ridiculously large 3-bedroom suite that stretches for almost 6700 square feet and includes a private garden and hot tub.

Norwegian Star. Sit and sip in the open-air Bier Garden, where you can watch the sun go down before learning if you really are lucky in the ship’s full-service casino. Passengers definitely were not lucky when the captain had to make an unexplained “quick course alteration” that left multiple passengers injured recently. Or on a recent voyage that saw more than 100 passengers get sick.

Norwegian Sun Class

Norwegian Sun. Whether you want to explore the Alaskan frontier, journey through the Panama Canal, or relax in the Caribbean, the Sun can take you there and keep you busy with 16 dining options and 11 bars and clubs.

Norwegian Sky. The Bahamas await if you take this ship out of Miami. You’ll enjoy shows at the 1000-seat lounge, plenty of dining options, and lots of activities for the kids.

Norwegian Jewel Class

Norwegian Jewel. Sunbathe on a private deck while you send the kids to Splashdown’s Kids Club and then come together later to take in Alaska’s awe-inspiring glaciers from your own private balcony.

Norwegian Gem. Leaving from New York? While on this cruise you’ll enjoy a bowling alley, two-story Wii games, and getting to watch Teppanyaki chefs carve up your food in a stylish ballet.

Norwegian Jade. Headed to the Mediterranean? Take the Jade and you can enjoy shows at the Stardust Theater before dancing the night away at the White Hot Party.

Norwegian Pearl. Sure, you could travel on another ship, but would it really be as much fun without a rock climbing wall or a bowling alley?

Norwegian Unclassifieds (these ships aren’t listed as being part of a specific class)

Norwegian Epic. Voted Best Cruise Ship by Travel Weekly in both 2011 and 2012, this cruiseliner features the Blue Man Group, 20 dining options, and everything else you might expect on a cruise headed to Europe or the Caribbean.

Norwegian Spirit. This smaller vessel tours the Mediterranean year-round and offers plenty of amenities for younger guests, including Buccaneer’s Wet and Wild and Celebrity Teen Disco.

Norwegian Pride of America. If you want to sail to Hawaii with Norwegian, this is how you get there. This ship offers everything you’d expect from a luxury liner, but the real selling point is the many, many balconies that let you see the sights themselves – watch playful whales, goggle at Kilhauea Volcano, and enjoy the Napali coast.

Time is Not on Your Side If You’ve Been Hurt

Following a cruise ship injury or illness that you believe was caused by the negligence of the crew, the worst thing that you can do is to wait and deliberate. The statute of limitations is short, and you only have one year to file a complaint – after that, you’re just out of luck.   That’s why you should get in touch with The Law Office of Andrew Winston today.

Not only will their attorneys sit down with you for a free consultation to discuss your case and tell you what options are available, you won’t have to pay them anything until you win compensation. Start fighting for your rights today by contacting Lawlor Winston at 954-606-6606 (South Florida), toll-free at 866-306-9606 or completing this short online case review form.