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Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Acciidents

If you are a resident of Fort Lauderdale, chances are you are no stranger to the cruise industry. You probably also know that despite the romanticism of the ships and the glamour of their marketing campaigns, vacations aboard cruise ships aren’t always the beacon of recreation and security that they seem to be.

Sometimes, things go wrong. Sometimes, passengers wind up sick, injured, or worse. If you have been the victim of a negligent cruise line in Fort Lauderdale, you owe it to yourself to contact  The Law Office of Andrew Winston for the defense and compensation that you deserve.

Why Andrew Winston is Fort Lauderdale’s Best Choice for Cruise Injury Cases

Because cruise ship cases are considered matters of maritime law, not all lawyers are qualified to handle them. At The Law Office of Andrew Winston, however, all four partners are experts in the field of maritime law. With a combined 70+ years’ experience, The Law Office of Andrew Winston know how to handle these cases and will see to it that you receive the treatment and compensation that you deserve.

At The Law Office of Andrew Winston, we know that even the biggest name cruise companies are not completely free of mishaps. Accidents can and have occurred on all of the major cruise lines, and the Law Office of Andrew Winston has the know-how to go up against all of them, including:

If you have endured pain or suffering on a cruise as a result of a negligent crew or cruise operators, don’t waste any time—contact The Law Office of Andrew Winston right away.

What Can Go Wrong Aboard a Cruise Ship?

Although cruise ships can boast a high level of safety precautions, there is no way that they can guarantee absolute security. Accidents can always happen, even at sea.

So, what sort of things can go wrong aboard cruise ships? Some of the more common cruise ship accidents include:

Slips and falls. With wet decks and narrow, crowded walkways, slip and fall accidents occur relatively frequently aboard cruise ships. While these incidents are often minor, serious injuries can certainly be sustained. Sometimes, slip and fall accidents will result in broken bones, injury to the back or neck, or brain trauma.

Drowning. Despite cruise lines’ best precautions, sometimes travelers do fall overboard. If this happens and the crew is unable to locate or rescue the passenger quickly enough, the passenger may drown. To make matters worse, falling overboard is not the only way passengers are at risk of drowning; swimming pools onboard the ship also pose a risk to passengers, especially young children.

Shore excursion accidents. Despite the assumption of risk that passengers must take during shore excursions, the cruise line may still bear some blame depending on the type of accident that occurs. For instance, if staff members fail to inform passengers of risks or necessary safety precautions, the cruise line may be liable for certain shore excursion accidents.

Gangway accidents. Cruise ships don’t necessarily have to be at sea for accidents to occur. For instance, if a passenger slips, falls, or otherwise injures himself as a result of an improperly secured gangway, the cruise company or crew may be at fault.

Medical negligence. If you are treated for a medical condition on board a cruise ship and receive inadequate care, you may be entitled to compensation. Because cruise line infirmaries often lack the staff and resources to give all sick or injured passengers the attention they need, there is always a chance that a passenger may suffer unnecessarily due to the cruise line’s inability to provide adequate care.

Norovirus.  The norovirus, which causes acute gastrointestinal distress and is easily passed from person to person, is increasingly becoming a major problem aboard cruise ships. In early 2014, norovirus outbreaks infected hundreds of people aboard at least three different ships, forcing the ships to return to port early after sick passengers overwhelmed the infirmary.

Certainly, some accidents that take place aboard cruise ships are honest mistakes and cannot be considered the fault of the company or the crew. Other times, however, certain accidents may have been a result of the crew’s or cruise line’s negligence. In these cases, it is imperative that you get the defense you deserve by contacting The Law Office of Andrew Winston as soon as possible.

What You Can Expect from The Law Office of Andrew Winston in Fort Lauderdale

At the Law Office of Andrew Winston, all four of our partners and Of Counsel Mark J. Leeds have been handling cruise ship injury cases for decades.

With our combined 70+ years experience and our active participation in the southern Florida community, The Law Office of Andrew Winston understands not only how to handle legal cases, but also how to handle our clients’ unique needs and expectations. We know that handling maritime lawsuits may be unfamiliar to many clients, which is why we communicate with our clients through every step of each case and strive to make the process as simple as possible. The Law Office of Andrew Winstonn will handle your case with the professionalism and care that you are entitled to.

We Work on a Contingency Basis

Because we believe so firmly in our abilities, we always operate on a contingency basis. This means that our clients pay nothing until and unless they recover monetary compensation.

We know how hard you work for your money, so we are determined to work hard for you.

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