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When Seasickness Turns Serious: Medical Negligence Claims on Cruise Ships

Cruises are often associated with relaxation, luxury, and adventure on the high seas. However, amidst the shimmering waters and endless buffets, there lies a potential risk that many passengers may not consider: medical emergencies.

While cruise ships typically have medical facilities and staff onboard to handle minor ailments, there have been cases where what began as a minor medical issue escalated due to negligence or misdiagnosis, resulting in serious consequences for passengers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the implications of medical negligence on cruise ships and how passengers can pursue compensation for injuries or damages incurred.

Understanding Seasickness

Seasickness is a common affliction experienced by many cruise ship passengers. It typically manifests as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, often triggered

The Dangers of Medical Malpractice on Florida Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are often places of joy – places where families do fun activities together and enjoy a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While cruising may be an escape from reality, some realities can follow you aboard a cruise line, including medical malpractice.

On a cruise ship, there are many ways someone could become hurt or ill and require medical attention. Passengers on these cruise ships expect medical care to be provided in a competent manner by the doctors and nurses on board who have been charged with their health and wellbeing.

If the medical care received isn’t sufficient or a condition is made worse by treatment received while onboard, you may have a case

Hurt By a Cruise Doctor’s Negligence? You’re Not Alone

When you’re on a cruise, you probably don’t anticipate suffering an injury or illness that requires medical care. Yet when you need to see a doctor while cruising, you expect the same standard of care that you receive at home. If you experience medical negligence under the care of a cruise ship’s doctor, legal protection may be available to you.

In one court case, an elderly passenger fell and hit his head while trying to board the cruise ship when it was in port. The passenger was sent to the ship’s onboard medical facility for treatment. While he stayed in the facility, the passenger allegedly received such negligent treatment that he died a week later. A family member filed suit

Ruling Holds Cruises Accountable for Medical Malpractice

For far too long, cruise lines have been able to dodge their medical responsibilities. With all the technicalities surrounding maritime law and the different legal systems that cruise ships operate under, cruises have been shielded from certain medical obligations that would apply to any typical American vacation facility. Now, things are finally changing.


Unfortunately, it took the tragic death of a cruise passenger for these changes to come about. According to the Huffington Post, the passenger reportedly fell onboard a Royal Caribbean ship while it was docked. While receiving care in the ship’s medical facilities, he fell into a coma and later died as a result of negligent care. The victim’s daughter brought the matter to court, and after

Things to Know Before Leaving on Your Cruise


Most people are familiar with the pre-vacation To Do’s—get someone to watch the pets, make sure you’ve packed all the essentials (cell phone, passport, tickets), and get things squared away at work. But when it comes to cruises, there are a few significant additions that you’ll need to include on that list.


When you travel within the United States, there are certain things that you generally just don’t have to think about—for example, access to medical care, problems that could arise as a result of citizenship, and various significant legal issues. When you’re on a cruise, though, all of these things—and more—need to be taken into account before you leave.

Important Things to Remember



Because cruises

Boarding the ‘Fun Ships?’ Better Leave Your Medical Problems at Home


Vacationing in style. For some, that is synonym with spending hours tasting the wines and pastries at exquisite French restaurants, while taking long strolls hand-in-hand admiring historic boulevards on the romantic streets of Paris. Others cannot imagine the perfect vacation without the exuberance and excitement of cities with an active night life such as New York, where the local energy and vibe are a guaranteed recipe for success. Yet others consider it a luxury to run away from the noise and tumult of urban areas and hide in 5-star resorts on the glamorous shores of the Italian or Spanish rivieras. But for the typical American family who wants to travel in style, glamour automatically conjures the image of a

Cruising, between Fun & Games and Injury & Disease: How Safe Are You at Sea?


Every year, around 20,000,000 people choose to spend their vacation on the board of a cruise ship (21,556,000 passengers reported in 2014, expected to increase to 24,146,000 by 2018). With amenities such as piazza-style atriums, planetariums, water parks, rock climbing walls, full-sized carousels, skydiving, and bumper cars, cruise ships are more like floating cities offering infinite opportunities for world-class food and leisure. And some of them are true behemoths. The largest ship ever constructed, the Allure of the Seas, measures 1,181 ft., has around 100,000 metric tons, a theater with 1,380 seats, a two-deck dance hall, an ice skating rink, and even its own Starbucks, the first ever to be built on the board of a cruise ship. It