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‘Ebola Cruise’ Quarantine: What If An Outbreak Occurs?

Following the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first US Ebola patient, and the hospitalization of two nurses who had been treating Duncan, health care workers who had any kind of contact with the patient were warned not to travel. Unfortunately, this warning came after a lab worker who had handled Duncan’s samples embarked on a Carnival cruise to Belize and Mexico.

CNN reported that the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital worker never came into direct contact with Duncan, but did handle samples that contained Ebola. She exhibited no symptoms of Ebola on the cruise, but elected to quarantine herself in her cabin as a precaution. She was on the cruise during the 21-day stretch of time that could have been

Important Facts about the Cruise Passenger Protection Act

If you are assaulted due to negligent security or injured due to lax safety and emergency protocols on a cruise ship, it seems obvious that the cruise line should be held liable and that you should receive compensation. Unfortunately, far too many injured cruise ship passengers face an uphill battle when filing a lawsuit against a cruise line, in large part due to a lack of government regulations over the cruise industry and fine print in ticket contracts that allow cruise lines to sidestep liability issues.


All that may change if the Cruise Passenger Protection Act passes. The bill, which Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) has been hoping to pass for over a year, seeks to tighten government regulation