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The Most Popular Cruise Destinations of 2022

Now that the world seems to finally be opening up again from the COVID-19 pandemic, a cruise is at the top of the list for many people. There are a lot of options, and if you’re sailing from a Florida port, then you can find a cruise that will take you to many beautiful and incredibly popular destinations.

There are numerous ports in the Caribbean and elsewhere that have several ships docking each day. These places have exotic excursions and activities that have made them very popular in 2022. So, if you’re planning a trip back out onto the high seas, you may want to consider a cruise that captures one or more of these amazingly trendy destinations.

Nassau, Bahamas

What Are the Most Dangerous Cruise Ports in the World?

Arriving in town on a cruise ship isn’t exactly a quiet way to go somewhere. These enormous floating cities sail right into the port, and every local knows that soon the town will be swarming with tourists and large groups going on excursions. Unfortunately, the inability to come into port unnoticed puts passengers at risk for crimes at ports – some places more dangerous than others.

The destinations to which cruise ships sail have an economy based on tourism, so they want to keep people coming. But not all of the ways people make money in these ports are legit, and some include crimes that can end in an injury like armed robberies.

What are the most dangerous cruise ports

The World’s Most Popular Cruise Destinations of 2019

You already know that it’s about time for a cruise. School’s out, you’ve worked hard so far in 2019, and you’re long overdue for a tan. Now all you have to do is figure out where you want to go with your partner or your spouse.

If you need some inspiration, we’ve got a list of the top cruise destinations of the year.

Whether a Caribbean retreat, a luxurious trip to Europe, or a convenient trip up North America is on your list, we’ve got you covered. These destinations were chosen by Cruise Critic voters and industry experts.

Avignon, France: The Number-One Choice

When Cruise Critic released the winners of their annual Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards, it revealed voters chose

Best Summer Cruise Destinations

Summer is coming up, and many of us are planning summer vacations. Whether you prefer white sand beaches or dramatic icebergs, the perfect summer cruise destination for you is out there.

Below, we provide a rundown of some of the most popular summer cruise destinations, as well as some pro tips to help you get the most out of your trip.


It’s only possible to cruise Alaska in the spring and summer months. The season begins in May and ends in September, but is at its peak during the warm summer months. If you’re fond of outdoor activities such as hiking, wildlife, and exploring historical areas, an Alaskan cruise may be for you.

Large cruise ships from major cruise

Thinking about a Fall Cruise? Here’s Where and How to Cruise

Fall cruises are a great opportunity for a family getaway before all the chaos of the holiday season begins. Fall cruises are also frequently less expensive than peak season cruises, which means they’re a great time to score a bargain.

Here are some of the best cruises to embark on during the fall season.

New England and Atlantic Canada

New England and Atlantic Canada are famous for their brilliant fall foliage. Also famous in New England is the horrendous traffic caused by all the leaf peepers, so cruising is a spectacular way to take in the fall foliage from the luxury of a cruise ship.

New England cruises typically depart from Boston or New York, and sail up to Nova

Destination Spotlight: How to Do Your Caribbean Cruise Right

If you’re taking a Caribbean cruise this year, here are the top tips to make your trip exciting, fun, and memorable. We’ve organized the tips by location for your convenience.


Explore the British military history of Shirley Heights and Nelson’s Dockyard through a half-day excursion.


Tour Harrison’s Cave, a limestone cavern that shimmers with stalagmites and stalactites.

Belize City

Enjoy the rainforest views on a zipline, or cave-tube through darkened caverns for a unique swimming experience.


The coast of Bonaire boasts beautiful reefs and sparkling clear waters, so you can view colorful fish, coral, and other sea life.

Costa Maya

Explore Mayan ruins at nearby Chacchoben and check out the quaint shops and restaurants at Mahahual.


Ways to Get the Most Culture Out of Your Cruise Vacation

When you imagine a cruise, what comes to mind?

The open sea, obviously. Relaxing on a white sand beach somewhere? Tanning on the deck of the ship while you sip a martini? Mountains and mountains of food? A giant floating shopping mall where people enjoy duty-free purchases?

If these thoughts make you cringe rather than salivate, you might not think cruising is for you. Sadly, cruise lines probably aren’t exactly endearing themselves to you, either when you read stories like this, which recently appeared in the LA Times:

The Carnival Horizon, which just took its first voyage earlier in 2018, has a two-story shopping mall on board. It features brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret, Le Vian