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Officials Admit Cruise Ship Quarantine Mishandlings with Coronavirus

Imagine being on a cruise, sailing along, and then the worst happens – the coronavirus breaks out on board and you’re forced to stay quarantined on the ship.

You don’t have to work so hard to imagine this scenario because it’s exactly what happened to travelers aboard the Diamond Princess. Passengers on this ship have been embroiled in a nearly month-long ordeal of confusing quarantine directives…and the worst part? Fear.

This may quell the desire of many to book a cruise any time in the near future, but the fact is, it doesn’t really matter when you choose to cruise — amidst a possible pandemic like coronavirus, there are proper procedures and protocols to follow ensuring everyone’s legal rights are upheld.

The problem with the current medical crisis is that, as Princess officials admit, they weren’t. Here’s what you should know about cruise ship

Does Your Travel Insurance Have Med-Evac Coverage?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, 13 American cruise ship passengers were evacuated from Japan back to the U.S. this month. The passengers were quarantined for two weeks and have tested positive for the deadly virus. They are currently receiving treatment at the University of Nebraska medical center.

Because there is certainly no quick flight from Japan to Nebraska, amidst the chaos of this deadly outbreak, it’s time to talk about the insurance of Med-Evac coverage.

What Having Med-Evac Coverage Means

Med-Evac coverage, or medical evacuation coverage, will foot the bill if you need to quickly get off a cruise ship or shore excursion and seek care. Many travelers believe that med-evac coverage is tucked away into their standard travel insurance policy. That is rarely the case.

Go over the fine print before you get travel insurance and consider a med-evac add-on if you are

Want to Cancel Your Cruise to China After Coronavirus? Might Be Impossible

Coronavirus has been all over the news recently. It’s a highly contagious illness responsible for hundreds of deaths throughout China so far. For people planning on traveling to or near China, this is obviously concerning, and many people want to cancel their cruise tickets to the area.

Understanding what cruise lines are doing about travel to areas affected by coronavirus may seriously impact your cruise vacation plans.

The primary issue is a number of cruise lines aren’t refunding all of these tickets because of their own out-of-pocket costs. In fact, some companies are making it harder than normal to refund tickets for these cruises. Others are simply altering their itineraries to avoid the area.

Cruise Companies Refusing Refunds

Multiple major cruise lines are refusing to cancel trips or issue refunds on trips with ports in China. These companies include:

    Celebrity Cruises; Holland America Line;

Cruise Workers’ Comp According to Maritime Law

Depending on how long you’ve worked in the cruise industry, you probably well know that working on the high seas can be just as dangerous as it is thrilling.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to bounce back after an injury. If you are hurt while working on a cruise ship or other maritime vessel, it won’t be long until bills start piling up. What you may not be aware of is that you may be entitled to benefits and compensation.

Multiple laws, including the Jones Act and Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), were passed to protect you and your family in the case of a work injury (or even death) on the high seas.

If you were recently injured while working on a vessel, reach out to a Florida personal injury attorney who specializes in maritime law. In the meantime, learn more here

What Carnival’s 6 Injured Passengers Did Right After Cruise Collision

Most of us have a general idea about how to stay safe once you’ve set sail. Not to mention, every cruise line has a quick tutorial for all passengers before the ship even leaves the dock.

You know to follow safety guidelines, hold onto railings, and be cautious while in port in foreign countries. Still, there’s one potential cause for injury over which you have zero control: a crash. Yes, cruise ships can – and do – collide.

You likely heard that’s exactly what happened in Cozumel, Mexico in December.

When Cruise Ships Collide

Two Carnival Cruise ships ran into each other as they were pulling into port, resulting in six injured. The cruise giant claims that the impact was due to “spontaneous wind gusts and strong currents.”

Regardless of the cause, the six injured people were smart and took the correct first step

Tips for a Better Trip When You Cruise Over Spring Break

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but you can still find great deals online. Cruise lines have just started to slash prices on trips that leave over Spring Break. When we say big savings, we mean sail dates between late February and early April are as low as $249 right now!

It’s not hard to find a great price on a cruise, but is it worth the deal? After all, Spring Break is notorious for college kids letting loose and causing chaos. Not to mention, there’ve been plenty of news stories about cruise disasters this past year.

Still — we say yes! Totally worth it…If you plan ahead and manage your expectations, your cruise will be a fantastic getaway as we officiate the Spring season. Use these tips to having your best Spring Break cruise trip.

Where to Cruise (and Not to Cruise)

Do You Know What to Do If Injured on a Holiday Cruise Excursion?

Shore excursions are often the highlight of a cruise, and ports of call offer a chance to disembark, sightsee, and take in the local culture. Shore excursions can also be dangerous and unpredictable, so tragedies can (and do) happen.

Take three North Texans, for instance, who were recently killed in two separate traffic crashes while on shore excursions on the same cruise. Multiple family members were involved in both crashes, and surviving family members sustained critical injuries.

Unfortunately, shore excursion accidents are actually relatively common during cruises. If you’ll be embarking on a holiday cruise this season, it’s important to know what to do in the event of a shore excursion accident.

First, the most common shore excursion accidents…

Common Shore Excursion Accidents

Dangerous local conditions or participation on-shore excursion activities are what often lead to the most prevalent injuries. Common shore excursion accidents