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Taking a Family Cruise? What You Need To Know

You’ve been on cruises in the past, but now it’s time to bring the kids along. If you are used to going on a cruise with friends or with your partner, know that family cruises are a whole different experience.

There is a lot more to consider (and a lot more to pack!) when your children are coming to enjoy the cruise with you.

Take some time to research the cruise lines, and find one that fits your family’s needs. The extra preparation will be worth it once you hop on board. Use these tips from our cruise experts to help you get started.

Three Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Family Cruise

When in doubt, look for the cruise lines that cater to families. (Disney Cruise Line is often the top option, but there are many others to choose from.) All-inclusive packages just

Grandpa Charged in Toddler’s Death – Should It Have Been Cruise Line?

In a tragic incident on July 7th, 2019, an 18-month-old fell to her death from a window 11 stories up on a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. According to reports, her grandfather had placed her on a railing next to the window, assuming it was closed. She is said to have loved banging on glass at her brother’s hockey games, and the grandfather wanted to let her play. The window he chose happened to be the single pane in a wall made almost entirely of glass that happened to be open.

It gets even worse, though. As if suffering the death of his granddaughter was not enough, in the aftermath of the incident, the grandfather was arrested on charges of negligent homicide for his role in her death.

Are Grandfather’s Charges in Granddaughter’s Cruise Death Valid?

Experts are split on whether the

Some of the Best World Cruises Available in 2020

Cruises are a wonderful and enriching experience. There is something so timeless and thrilling about hopping on board for an adventure.

You can explore a new part of the country or sail across the sea to a new part of the world. But what if you want to see the whole world in one cruise? It’s possible.

World cruises offer the best of the best when it comes to the cruise experience. Check out our list of the best world cruises available in 2020.

What Is a “World” Cruise?

World cruises take the traditional idea of a cruise vacation and turn it up a few notches. They take you to multiple countries and/or continents. Cruise lengths vary.

While some only last three weeks and take you to a handful of island nations, others last up to 245 days. You read that right – that’s

Will Newlywed Who Fell from Carnival Balcony Sue?

Not often do we hear of a cruise ship accident that isn’t immediately followed by angry laments and threats of a lawsuit.

It seems a recent Carnival Cruise incident may be one of those rare cases. Of course, the victim’s statute of limitations isn’t up until late 2022, so there’s still time for that to change.

There are two key factors of cruise line liability that Carnival’s team is likely already reviewing – passenger slip and falls… and overserving guests. In this post, we take a closer look at both. First, though, a bit more on the story itself.

Fall Victim’s Wife Praises Carnival Cruise Staff and Guest Services

After spending the first day of his cruise enjoying nearly a dozen margaritas, a new husband heads back with his bride to their honeymoon cabin. Apparently, somewhere along the way he fell over the deck

Why You Should Consider a Winter Cruise – And Where to Go

Summer is winding down and the temperatures are finally starting to drop. For many families, this new season means putting their noses to the grindstone. No more vacations, no more trips to the beach.

For some families, the cooler temperatures are a signal to pack their bags. Winter vacations, and specifically winter cruises, can be even more relaxing than the typical summer trip away. If you’re still looking to get away in the next few months, consider getting away via boat.

Why Go on a Winter Cruise

A winter cruise can be a good change of pace, but there are also practical reasons to set sail in December-March.

The Perks of The “Low Season”

The kids are back in school during the colder months, and parents may be hesitant to pull them out for seven days in the Cayman Islands. Take advantage of the

Cruise Lines: The Surprise Heroes of the Aftermath of Dorian

Hurricane Dorian was the latest Category 5 storm to hit the East Coast. While Floridians braced themselves for a big hit, the real victims of the storm were the people of the Bahamas.

Fifty Bahamians died in the storm, with over 1,000 people missing and 15,000 in need of medical care. Another 70,000 citizens were rendered homeless.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the President made a statement on Twitter saying that the hurricane victims could be “very bad people,” and refused to grant them Temporary Protected Status.

Fortunately, another group has come in to provide aid to the devastated island…and it may not be who you expect.

Who is it? Cruise lines.

Carnival, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Among Those Offering Aid to Hurricane Dorian Victims

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, cruise ship lines began to pack their ships with food, water, and medical supplies.


Cruising to Venice? What You Need to Know About the New Rules

Venice is a wildly popular cruise destination, and few things are as romantic and exciting as you think an Italian cruise would be. However, cruise ships and the throngs of tourists they bring place a major burden on this fragile floating city.

In June of this year, the MSC Opera, a 13-deck cruise ship on the MSC Cruise line, crashed into a wharf and tourist boats along a busy canal, for instance.

The crash, which some said was “foretold for decades,” preceded an announcement that the Italian government had elected to ban giant cruise ships from Venice’s port, and would reroute one-third of them within the next year.

So, what does this mean if you’re planning to cruise to Venice?

Venice’s Tourism Problem: The City is Sinking

Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is gradually sinking. The city was never meant to handle