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Don’t Let Cabin Fever (and Low Cruise Rates) Cloud Your Judgement

Countries around the world have begun to open back up after closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the United States is following suit.

For thousands of Americans, two months of quarantine was two months too many, and they are booking summer vacations to celebrate newfound freedom.

But you’ll never guess where people are heading. Despite the role of cruise ships in the spread of coronavirus, a great many vacationers are headed straight back to their nearest cruise port!

Carnival Cruise Bookings Soar as the U.S. Continues to Reopen

At the beginning of the pandemic, cruise ships carried the virus from country to country. That doesn’t seem to be scaring cruisers away these days, though.

In the three days after Carnival announced August cruise dates, their bookings increased by 600%. That is a lot of people heading out to open waters in a

Future Cruising May Practically Require a Maritime Law Education

The coronavirus pandemic has been notoriously hard on the cruise ship industry. To help moderate losses, many cruise lines are already pre-booking trips for the end of the summer — and  even into next year. However, many potential passengers are rightfully cautious of making any plans.

While the pandemic hit cruise lines hard, it hit people with bookings even harder. Many people lost money on tickets without refunds or exchanges. This has many legal officials contemplating  whether the entire cruise line industry should be reformed

If you’re considering booking a cruise any time soon, you should do so carefully. Consider contacting an experienced legal professional to help you navigate any contracts and other documents connected to the ticket. This is for your legal and financial protection. A good lawyer can help you understand the various problems that are currently endemic in the cruise industry.

COVID-19 Class Action or Private Litigation — Which Lawsuit Is Best?

COVID-19 is impacting nearly every aspect of people’s lives these days, including how they navigate the law. Case in point: a couple has recently decided to sue a cruise line for negligence and bad decision making when it came to the health and safety of the passengers on the ship.

Certainly, cruise ships have been in the news for mass infections of coronavirus among their passengers and some people feel the cruise lines should be held responsible. Yet the question remains, should these be done through private litigation or class action suits?

What’s the difference between a class action suit and private lawsuits? Which one may is best in your circumstances? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Class Action Lawsuits?

A class-action lawsuit is a lawsuit brought forward on behalf of a group that has been affected by the entity being sued.

Facing Furlough But Your Cruise Coworkers Aren’t?

The travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 epidemic. One of the worst-hit sectors has been the cruise industry, which has had to entirely suspend operations on top of receiving bad publicity after numerous outbreaks affected multiple vessels.

During the most recent round of stimulus funding, many areas of the travel industry got a bailout. However, according to the NY Times, the cruise industry has been completely disregarded due to tax law. Because these companies are not headquartered in the US and don’t pay taxes as US companies, they do not qualify for the stimulus package.

This has left many of the major cruise companies in a bind. Many of these businesses have furloughed workers en mass, sending them home without pay. Not all workers have suffered this fate, though, which leaves open the possibility of cruise companies being in breach of

Check Your Cruise Line’s Cancellation Policy Updates Here

What if you booked a $32,000 cruise before coronavirus hit and the cruise line refused to let you cancel it? That’s exactly what’s happening to one Hawaiian family.

When they contacted Norwegian out of COVID-19 fear and said they wanted out of the trip, the cruise line said no. Even worse? They aren’t the only ones.

The silver lining is, in the wake of this viral pandemic, many travel companies are modifying their cancellation policies. This is an effort to cope with the influx of claims from passengers concerned with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Learn here what you should look for in the bylines of your current travel documents as well as the latest cancellation policy changes among major cruise lines in the US.

What to Look for in the Fine Print

When the Hawaiian family tried to cancel their Norwegian cruise,

Officials Admit Cruise Ship Quarantine Mishandlings with Coronavirus

Imagine being on a cruise, sailing along, and then the worst happens – the coronavirus breaks out on board and you’re forced to stay quarantined on the ship.

You don’t have to work so hard to imagine this scenario because it’s exactly what happened to travelers aboard the Diamond Princess. Passengers on this ship have been embroiled in a nearly month-long ordeal of confusing quarantine directives…and the worst part? Fear.

This may quell the desire of many to book a cruise any time in the near future, but the fact is, it doesn’t really matter when you choose to cruise — amidst a possible pandemic like coronavirus, there are proper procedures and protocols to follow ensuring everyone’s legal rights are upheld.

The problem with the current medical crisis is that, as Princess officials admit, they weren’t. Here’s what you should know about cruise ship

Does Your Travel Insurance Have Med-Evac Coverage?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, 13 American cruise ship passengers were evacuated from Japan back to the U.S. this month. The passengers were quarantined for two weeks and have tested positive for the deadly virus. They are currently receiving treatment at the University of Nebraska medical center.

Because there is certainly no quick flight from Japan to Nebraska, amidst the chaos of this deadly outbreak, it’s time to talk about the insurance of Med-Evac coverage.

What Having Med-Evac Coverage Means

Med-Evac coverage, or medical evacuation coverage, will foot the bill if you need to quickly get off a cruise ship or shore excursion and seek care. Many travelers believe that med-evac coverage is tucked away into their standard travel insurance policy. That is rarely the case.

Go over the fine print before you get travel insurance and consider a med-evac add-on if you are

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