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Why It’s Important to Research before You Set Sail

Booking and setting sail on a cruise vacation should always be fun and exciting. While the cruise injury attorneys at Lawlor Winston will always be there to defend you if you suffer injuries aboard a cruise ship, we would much prefer that you experience the most relaxing vacation possible and that you come back to Miami rejuvenated, excited, and most of all, safe.


To lessen your chance of sustaining an injury aboard the ship and ensure that you have the best trip possible, it’s important that you thoroughly research different cruise lines before you book your getaway. Here’s how to do it:


Read Reviews


From personal blogs to Fodor’s Travel, cruise reviews are available all over the

Why You Need a Maritime Lawyer in Your Cruise Ship Accident Case

If you’re injured on a cruise, it may seem pretty obvious to you that the cruise line should be held responsible. Maybe you fell from a balcony because of a loose railing, slipped because of a wet floor on a main walkway, or broke your arm on a shore excursion that was supposed to be “perfectly safe.” In fact, you might think that the connection is so obvious, that you won’t need legal assistance and can just represent yourself in court.


You might save some money by opting for self-representation, but you’re essentially sabotaging yourself as far as winning your case goes. Here’s why you need to work with an experienced maritime lawyer.


5 Reasons to Retain a

What Will It Take for Cruise Lines to Employ Lifeguards?

Drowning deaths occur every year on major cruise lines, yet almost none of those cruise lines bother to employ lifeguards. Now, the parents of a Central Florida boy who drowned on a Carnival cruise last fall are speaking out about this gross negligence.


Caselle and Tashara Hunter lost their 6-year-old son, Qwentyn, on the final day of their five-day cruise on the Carnival Victory. The decks and midship pool were packed for a final party when Qwentyn, who was playing in the pool, went under the water. A ship DJ noticed and yelled for someone to rescue Qwentyn, but it was too late. Passengers and cruise ship staff attempted to revive the young boy using CPR, but to no

Behind the Sails: 5 Shocking Truths Cruise Lines Won’t Tell You

Does buying a cruise ticket still conjure images of a fantasy dream-like vacation, basking in the sun all day long, and sipping umbrella drinks? You might want to reconsider that perspective: in the wake of the tragic fires, power failures, and virus outbreaks occurred on world’s greatest cruise vessels in recent years, here are 5 surprising truths you should know before embarking on one.


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Man Overboard Calls into Question Cruise Ship Rescue Practices


A man who went missing from the cruise ship Bahamas Celebration on April 27th has still not been recovered, and search efforts have been suspended.


Although it’s unclear exactly what happened, 30-year-old passenger James Miller apparently jumped off the cruise ship while it was sailing between the Bahamas and South Florida, according to the Coast Guard. The South Carolina man was reported missing when the ship was sailing about 27 miles east of Florida’s Delray Beach. Witnesses who saw Miller go over the railing say it looked like he was arguing with his girlfriend shortly before the incident. Several passengers at the scene also said they saw Miller hit the water face down and float.


The crew

Cruising, between Fun & Games and Injury & Disease: How Safe Are You at Sea?


Every year, around 20,000,000 people choose to spend their vacation on the board of a cruise ship (21,556,000 passengers reported in 2014, expected to increase to 24,146,000 by 2018). With amenities such as piazza-style atriums, planetariums, water parks, rock climbing walls, full-sized carousels, skydiving, and bumper cars, cruise ships are more like floating cities offering infinite opportunities for world-class food and leisure. And some of them are true behemoths. The largest ship ever constructed, the Allure of the Seas, measures 1,181 ft., has around 100,000 metric tons, a theater with 1,380 seats, a two-deck dance hall, an ice skating rink, and even its own Starbucks, the first ever to be built on the board of a cruise ship. It

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