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The Biggest Differences between River Cruises and Ocean Cruises

Picture a cruise ship. Whether this ship is going to the Bahamas, Europe, or Alaska, the cruise ship you are picturing is most likely on the ocean. Because that’s our collective cultural image of what a cruise is. Sailing on the high seas to distant shores.

If you’re tired of this type of cruise, though, there’s another option: the river cruise. In recent years, more and more people are opting for this alternative, and river cruising has quickly gained in popularity.

River cruises and ocean cruises are very similar, but the following differences could have a big impact on your next onboard trip.


Cabins on river cruises are smaller. A river is significantly smaller than the ocean, and so

Your Guide to Holiday Cruises

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

Even though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the biggest holiday of the year, preparing for festivities (or avoiding streets with a lot of bars) can be stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice to get away for the holidays?

Sounds like you need a holiday cruise.

Holiday Cruising Basics

Holiday cruises are a great way to celebrate time with your family or friends while exploring the world. When you factor in all-inclusive packages and the ability to get from your party to your room with a short walk, a holiday cruise may sound like heaven.

However, before you mark your calendars, make a plan for booking a holiday cruise and what you will need to

The New Cruise Ships of 2015

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of cruise vacations is the freedom to relax in the lap of cruise ship luxury. Cruise ship getaways are like vacations inside vacations—not only do you have the exciting shore excursions to look forward to, but the boat itself is a hub of entertainment, comfort, and glamour. And while almost any cruise ship out there is great for this, it’s no secret that the newer the ship, the better it is. A newer ship usually means more amenities, and more amenities—provided they’re done right—mean more luxury.


Lucky for anyone planning upcoming cruise vacations, a list of new cruise ships of 2015 was recently released. These new ships are worth keeping an eye on

Know What Flag Your Cruise Sails Under

If you embark and disembark on a cruise ship in Miami—or anywhere else in the United States—it makes sense that you might think that the ship is an American vessel. However, this is usually not the case.


Currently, only one major cruise ship is registered in America—NCL America’s Pride of America. All other cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Princess, are registered in foreign countries. This practice of registering ships in foreign countries is referred to as “sailing under ‘flags of convenience’” and while it may be a convenient practice for owners of the cruise lines, it can be critically dangerous for passengers.


What are Flags of Convenience?


To find out which flag your cruise

New Technologies Can Reduce Risks on Cruise Ships

Water transportation has come a long way since birch-bark canoes and rickety rafts. Modern-day cruise ships are outfitted with a dazzling array of amenities, special features, and technologies dedicated to promoting passenger comfort and safety.


Royal Caribbean recently released one of the most high-tech ships on the seven seas to date—Quantum of the Seas. With more than 2,000 advanced staterooms and high-tech features like electronic wristbands and maps, this ship works hard to protect passengers from many of the risks previously associated with sea travel and cruise vacations. Here are some of the ways Quantum of the Seas designers have reduced some of the most common risks for cruise ship accidents and mishaps:


WOW Bands reduce

Should You Go on an Inaugural Cruise?

There’s a certain thrill in being amongst the first few to enjoy a new experience, so it’s no surprise that many vacationers jump at the opportunity to be on a new cruise ship’s maiden voyage. But does that mean it’s actually a good idea? While it can be exciting to set sail on an inaugural cruise, you may also have to contend with a few kinks in the service, entertainment, and maintenance departments.


For some cruise passengers, a few setbacks are a small price to pay for being able to experience a brand new cruise ship, but for others, it may be much more relaxing to book a trip on a seasoned cruise ship. It ultimately comes down to

Cruise Ships Itineraries: Departures & Destinations For U.S. Ports

Every year, nearly 21 million people sign up for a chance to explore the world in a personal and meaningful way onboard a cruise ship.   With elaborate water parks, celebrity chef-crafted menus, exclusive evening entertainment, and memorable shore excursions, cruising truly is an all-in-one experience for all ages and interests. Here we have put together a guide to make the most challenging part of your cruise vacation – choosing a destination – much easier. Whether you are planning your first trip abroad or finalizing the details of your annual land-and-sea adventure, use the info below to find up-to-date itineraries, ports of departure, and destinations for all cruise lines operating in the U.S.

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