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Can You Sue a Cruise Line for Getting Norovirus?

Over the last two years, COVID-19 has been the leading concern for cruising. That’s obviously for good reason, but it’s important to remember if you choose to cruise, there are other illnesses to catch that are quite common onboard.

The fact is that, even before COVID, people got sick on cruise ships from time to time. One of the most common illnesses that spread on cruise ships is norovirus. This gastrointestinal bug can make people very ill and lead to serious complications, as well.

If you like to cruise, then it’s vital to understand what your rights are on board, especially if you get sick while on the cruise ship. Here’s what you need to know about norovirus and what

Will Cruise Be Held Liable for Woman’s Fall From Balcony?

Vacations aboard cruise ships are supposed to be fun, secure, and safe, but they don’t always work out that way. What was supposed to be a relaxing escape can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario that impacts on the rest of your life.

Recently, a woman vacationing on a Carnival cruise ship fell overboard. While nothing official has been released, many who were aboard the ship at the time of the incident suspect foul play was involved. The Coast Guard called off the search and it may never be known what happened to the woman. What is known is what can happen if security is negligent, and the cruise is liable for something that happens to a passenger.

Here’s what

Does My Kid Need to Be Vaccinated to Go on a Cruise?

Many people are ecstatic that cruising is back. However, just because cruising has resumed doesn’t mean you should toss all your worries about COVID.

Recently, a Norwegian Cruise Line ship had 17 people test positive for COVID while on board. While this may not sound like much on a cruise of 3,200 people, it is a high percentage when you consider the cruise’s line very strict COVID vaccination policy in place. Everyone on board was required to be fully vaccinated. They required passengers to take a COVID test before boarding, and the test needed to have a negative result.

Still, because of these COVID policies, no social distancing measures were taken on board, and they had no capacity restrictions in