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Will It Be the Vaccine That Reopens the Cruise Industry Fully?

Everyone across the world has been dealing with the dangers of COVID-19 for a year, which makes the recent news of an effective vaccine very welcome.

The vaccine won’t be available to everyone right away, however, so many people have months before their travel plans can be followed through with. Still, the news of the vaccine has many people who love cruising excited and the cruise line industry feeling optimistic.

Here’s what you need to know about the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, how COVID is currently being handled on cruises, and what the vaccine could mean for your travel plans.

The COVID Vaccine Roll Out

In many states, vaccines will be rolled out in three phases. First, those on

Advantages of Booking a Smaller Cruise in a Post-COVID World

As we seemingly inch closer to a viable vaccine against COVID-19, confidence in cruising increases. What you may not know is that some hardy cruisers have already been sailing over the last couple of months.

That’s right! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) mandated test cruises this fall for which cruisers volunteered to sail while cruise lines practiced new safety procedures and protocols.

The trends we see emerging in a post-COVID world include smaller cruises, small ports, and expanded safety measures. Find out more below!

More Smaller Ships Are Setting Sail

The primary message among leading medical professionals on stifling the spread of the ongoing pandemic? You guessed it — smaller groups. That applies to cruises, too.

The industry is

Choosing to Cruise Doesn’t Forfeit Your Rights to Health and Safety

Cruise lovers everywhere are rejoicing over the lifting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) no sail order. Essentially, cruise lines are again free to resume cruising.

While this is undoubtedly good news for the industry and the workers it supports, some cruisers remain worried.

After all, the CDC isn’t declaring that COVID-19 is no longer a danger to those who go on cruises, it’s merely saying that the proper health and safety regulations paired with trial sailings makes cruises possible…in modified format.

If you’re concerned about going on a cruise due to the risk it places on your health and safety, then you’re not alone. Rest assured that choosing to cruise in a post-COVID world doesn’t mean